Twilight Yoga III
Esoterikos Orgia Mysterion

Shri Gurudev Mahendranath


Esoterikos Orgia Mysterion
The Inner Voice of the Secret Rites and Wisdom

The Superpsychogenesis of the Cosmic Waken Folk
That they may Flourish in the Kingdom of Shambhala

A Crasis for the Exordium of Ignoramus Demons

Declassified Code:
Pax - Licentia - Felix

The Protokollon

An esoteric hyperbole for the helix In-Group.
A weird sarcophagus of entombed shroud wisdom.
The apotheosis of the In-Group, Wise and Waken,
To transmute the dross of sleep into Divine Essence:
A tome of the Gods which few will dare to read,
lest they transmute and never again be the same.

The weak know and belong to the moons Phobos and Deimos,
For fear and terror are not the curse of the Martians.
Man's ignorance of past and present have always been
Their mistaken concepts of a weakness and inferiority;
Never knowing the Insanity of the Absolute, but reside
In the safe slime and turbulent terror of worldly life.

An Apothegm and Gnosis for Cosmic Cosmopolitans:
The Last Will and Testament of Shri Gurudev Mahendranath.

In the gyral whirlpool whish of human fatality,
The Alpha Ovule transmutes you to Immortality.

Every man and woman has this special point in the mind,
Where they can see all, know all, and understand Reality;
Not Yab-Yum, not Yang and Yin, but a minute point in between,
Whereby Time and Space become only useless expressions,
For the point is so minute, yet it is the vast Transfinity
Seed of the Boundless Cosmos, but as minute as a grain of dust.

There is only one Alpha Ovule, yet everybody has one,
It is suspended in the mind, mathematics prove it,
The Oracle speaks it, and Revelation confirms it,
And sometimes we wonder why we did not know it sooner.

Then we find it is neither exoteric nor esoteric;
On one side, the point appears Negative or even dark,
But on the other seems positive and appears as Light,
But this is only because it contains all phenomena -
Like head and tails of a coin; the real Cosmic Currency;
The price of the Everlasting; a purchase for Eternity.

What a fantastic inheritance - a book without words.
Relax for a moment, for the Protokollon has ended.

Hyperbole for a Helix In-Group

In the Energy Centres of the world of matter
Are the Castles of the Lords of Shambhala.
Now the Flame Shrines of Wisdom have been raised,
And secret rites and worship come to be;
Where the Power of the Will can generate,
And the Magick Way of Life becomes complete.

On the ramparts of Time, Space, and Supreme Substance
Is the Celestial Order A.'.A.'. (Astrolabion Argentum).
Uncover the moon or you will dwell in darkness;
Everyone must have a deep sincere reason for being alive.

The Supreme Path of Immortality is Deep and Inscrutable;
Full of profound mystery and the hush is unbearable.
There is a madness when the mind is clogged with dust,
But a delightful insanity when it is filled with Light.
The Alpha Ovule has its own brilliant illumination,
And though you listen carefully, you may hear nothing;
Though you watch open-eyed, nothing will be visible;
What is invisible to the eye is seen only with the mind,
So keep the mind awake or you will sink into sleep.

The Alpha Ovule is the Supreme Miracle of the Cosmos,
Neither Conscious, Subconscious, or Supraconscious.
Do not reject real facts because they appear as fiction:
The bizarre is often the normal think of Magicians.

The new symbol of the New Age is Aquarius the Water Bearer.
For more than six thousand years, the symbols were animals -
Taurus the Bull, Aries the Ram, and Pisces the Fishes.
Now we are to enter a new age symbolized by a human being.
A water bearer can be either a man or woman:
Yet the Pot is still the seed symbol, and the sign
That what is poured out depends entirely on ourselves.

There is a breed of gnomes who think nothing is possible,
And a breed of magicians who know nothing is impossible.
Lament the past, cry for the present, fear the future;
These are the bricks on which most lifetimes are built.

In less than a thousand years, I had learned to sit
Comfortable, relaxed, and at peace with the world.
Then I learned to tame the roving wayward mind,
And in only five hundred births this was complete.
Then to meditate only on that mystic, magick Ovule,
And in a hundred years, my mind sought and found it,
And with closed eyes my mind could now behold it.

I had crossed the dark abyss into a wonderland,
And my contemplation of the Cosmos was now complete.
I found I was small enough to see its minuteness,
But big enough to know I was integrated by it.
Within this point, I saw new suns being re-created,
But human history I saw as a sordid panorama.
Looking into the future, I knew there was hope,
For the greatest thing about this life and living
Was to be able to escape from its webs forever.

In the Academy of Sense Perception, the Ba'alim rejoice,
For they are the Primordial Lords of our Magick Rites and Circles,
Symbolizing the reason, need, and method of all fertility.
For the ``Apokalyptein of the Waken'' is revealed by the Oracle.
The voices of iconoclasts are raised, but our images remain;
For the tongues of the waken speak only against conditioning,
The wrong ideas and swill which plague Mankind today;
For Truth is an idiosyncrasy which the Waken will cherish,
Though we try not to step too heavily on the minds of others.

Have I not said in times before
The world is thick with paranoia?
So square your circles, decode your maths,
You live in a cloud of psychopaths.

Now gone is the God Fear of Space and of Dying,
No longer the horror when Truth sounds like lying,
No longer the hopeless and journey to nowhere,
No longer the furtive, the glances and beware,
No longer the flesh and the shell and the coating,
Since only the mind in the Here-Now is floating;
No longer the thinking impatient and eager
To trans-span the point from Alpha to Omega,.
The vision so tiny which fills all and after,
The humor, and joy, and eternal the laughter,
When things of a moment will go on forever,
The shackles have vanished and not there to sever.

The Great Magnum Opus Disperses Confusion,
The Only Escape From Eternal Delusion.
Now Here There And Nowhere Are Clustered Together
In An Infinite Spiral Which Goes On Forever;
And All The Impatience, The Hurry, And Races
Are All Self-contained In The Smallest Of Spaces.

Those who find the thinking too heavy should depart.

Calm, Charm, & Success;
Protection, Conquest, and Destruction;
The Three Qualities and the Three Powers of a Magician.

Tranquility comes to those who have attained Alpha Ovule;
Charm comes from the Equipoise of knowing Self-Realization;
Success can only be for those who have reached the Goal.
The Power of Protection is needful in a world of terror;
The Power of Conquest is vital if Mankind is to survive;
The Power of Destruction opens the way for new Creation.
The mind must accept all that which it cannot destroy,
And must go forward when it is impossible to retire,
Transmit if it cannot retain, and even work without the brain.

From Alpha to Omega is a great but perilous journey,
For few are born with the capacity for Samadhi.
If the Spirit had trod the Path in previous lives,
Then the Spirit-Continuum has the know-how needed;
But if you think that you are new to this unique life,
Progress will depend on determination and will.
Those who have Zero and are not yet interested
Must abide content in the world of slaves and churls.

We are not the avant-garde of the Cosmic Miracle,
For our ways and patterns are older than the rocks.
Most flounder in the puzzle with many missing pieces,
But ours is like a vast, complex, perfect mosaic,
Where the Wise will see and recognize the patterns.

The realization of Thee and Me is called Alpha Omega
When we know that there is only one Supreme Substance
Which manifests in the world as people, things, ideas,
And the Grand Illusion which is called Mahamaya.
Now we can dream forward into the future,
And see the past as only a jumble of perversions.

``Thou shalt not'' has ever been the negative way of rulers,
But the Ovule of Omega reduces all this to Zero.
Politics is the cunning craft to cheat and suppress;
Economics the art of sapping enthusiasm and energy;
Religion, the science of brainswill and fear structure
To make the virile conform to the abnegations of old age.

The change from circular think to the Helix Way of Thought,
Which never returns to the place where it first originated;
For New People and New Powers come from a New Way of Think.

The Design & Rites of the Cosmonuminous

1. The Rites of Birth
2. The Rites of Phallos
3. The Rites of Worship
4. The Rites of Weirdglow
5. The Rites of Death

Therefore, these are the five sacred rites
Of the Magick Way of Life:
Pax - Licentia - Felix
In the New Aeon.

1. The Rites of Birth

The Rite of Birth is the encasement of Spirit into Matter,
Or the rebirth of the Spirit into a new human body.
Yet birth, considered a ``happy event,'' is really a tragedy.

In the only galaxy we can see in part with the naked eye,
There is a mini-star which Mankind designates as the Sun;
While around this Sun, and within the orbit of its gravity,
Rotate many planets - of which we know only eight.
One of these is the Earth, where we take rebirth and die
According to the time span coded into each human body.
The Sun and Planets are controlled by a Solar Ruler,
And our entire Sun System is designated as Ishwara's domain.
Spirit particles are caught up in the whirlpool of the system
To inhabit living bodies of greater or some lesser degree.

Because of the entanglement in matter, memory is lost,
And the Spirit becomes conditioned to accept and endure,
While the great powers and know of the Spirit are forgot.
Thus endures the way of Mankind in a sordid existence.
So birth, considered as a ``happy event'' is really a tragedy!
But the Spirit - the Life Continuum - continues forever.

2. The Rites of Phallos

The Rite of Phallos is the dual cultivation of life,
And is an essential involvement for all men and women.
Although sex abnegation may serve in periods of Yoga
And those periods where we need segregation calm,
In normal life, sex is essential to human happiness,
And its Magick Power and Potential can be utilized
To experience again the real Freedom of the Spirit;
For the way of Nature and the Cosmos cannot be denied,
And the ecstasy of orgasm illuminates Alpha Ovule.

3. The Rites of Worship

The Rites of Worship are the basis of Spiritual Life,
But do not confuse Spiritual Life with religions.
The awakening of the mind to reality and Alpha Ovule
Can be triggered by orgasm or suitable Magick Ritual,
But not casual play, superstitions or entertainment,
Because our basic intention is to keep Awake.
So overcome the five Kleshas, Obstructions, Errors:
Ignorance, Ego, Repulsion, Attachment, Clinging to Life,
And the Rites of Worship are practiced and performed
To overcome them and open up the Magick Way of Life.

4. The Rites of Weirdglow

The Rites of Weirdglow are Peace, Freedom, and Happiness,
And they give us a real reason for being alive on Earth:
For the Cosmocreator did not intend such great misery
As Mankind has created and devised for themselves.

Most people imagine they are alive, but behave as dead;
People think they are Awake, but mostly are asleep.
Believe they are thinking for themselves, thinking free,
But actually repeating the teachings they have learned,
Brainswill, conditioning, education, propaganda not their own.
Not all robots and shackles are made by machines.

5. The Rites of Death

The Rites of Death are the only real certainty of life,
For all living things can endure only for a limited span.
Mothers prepare for birth, and the living must prepare for death.
Humans do not remember their birth, yet none doubt it,
While at death, the Spirit is often unaware of Freedom.
When the Spirit is released, it may experience confusion
Because of its attachments to the world it has left,
To people, things, ideas, and subconscious images.

But there are Books of the Dead to help us escape
To the Primal Cosmic Light, and forget the world of dust.
Are there not greater things immortals have to do?
Om Mani Padme Hum! And the Jewel returns to the Lotus.

The stone I use for worship is so unlike that which it represents
That I cannot possibly mistake it for the original substance.
Yet it serves as a point of concentration and vibe collector,
So that the vibes, energy, and grace which I am seeking
Are focused in a single point by which my mind expands.
It is enough for me. Could anything be simpler than this?

Alpha Ovule is the power which gives existential status
To all vital concepts and creations of the imagination.
Yet it is also the Supreme Paradox of the Universe,
A Time Star, a Space Centric Point, and Solar Complex,
A Jewel in the Lotus where the petals reach to Infinity.

My cosmic alarm clock, set to ring at the ghostly mid-nought hour.
Only when I hear its Cosmic Clamor, I remember past and future.
In our neo-Pagan Magick, we have found a way to a Fifth Dimension,
Archaic primordial Wisdom, plus ultra-modern Science and Think.,
For those who would know a New Aeon cannot be antiquated,
And must discard the twentieth century gyves and vices.

The Experimental Yoga of Meditation

Though a few are born with ability to practice varied occult patterns,
Most will need to develop and formulate them through meditation,
Which is the most practical means by which we can know and recall
That which has been lost - the identity of ourselves and the Divine.

There can never be a universal meditation system for all people.
Most do best when they settle into their own individual patterns.
Thus guidance can only be given on the general method and system,
But should only begin when they know what they want to do.

Select a Zonule and sit cross-legged, comfortable and relaxed.
No mechanical contrivances or objets d'art are needed.
The posture itself is the expression of the simple and easy.
Keep the mind awake or you will have strayed to failure;
Trance, unconsciousness, sleep are instruments of defeat.

In the preliminary and early exploratory mind wanderings,
Concentrate by counting the breaths, and much pranayama.

  1. Count the breath as it goes in and out, one to seven, repeat.
  2. Pranayama means holding the breath between breathing in and breathing out for a period of four or five heartbeats. Indian Saints teach that Prana is identical and synonymous with the Supreme Substance, and holding the breath absorbs it. Thus is expounded the secret of Pranayama and its power, for this creates environmental conditions for realization.
Fantastic the folly frustrating our free life;
A world so divided, exploding with in-strife.
Too many people, and too small our garden;
Solutions may cause many soft hearts to harden.
Though ``Do what thou wilt'' is met with derision,
If weeds are a problem, then make a decision!

If there is Magick in the Mind, our ambition is to embrace it.
If there is a Divine Thaumaturgist, let us see the Miracles.
One can go fast or slow, but never stop the movement,
For there is nothing in the Universe which ever remains still.

Sometimes the progress of people is almost imperceptible,
Yet not the slightest tremor of a brain cell is forgotten,
And the whole Gnosis is a build up of Minute Mind Molecules.
Yet sometimes these are as intangible as an Aurora of Stardust,
For the Real is, of all things, the most inconceivable mystery.

When the inner man or woman is ready to take the reins,
They can drive the celestial chariot to the goal beyond.
Though only one-tenth of the brain knows positive thought,
How much stored wisdom may be latent in the remainder?

The Alpha Ovule appears as a minimal point of self-luminosity.
It burns with life and flames with cosmic energy everlasting.
It appears near, yet at once it is a whole eternity away.
If it appears alone and surrounded by a depth of blackness,
The concentration has developed to a state of perfection.

Keep it still; do not move the eyes, hold the point fast.
If other vague, larger patterns appear, be not disturbed,
For they are but phantoms erupting from the subconscious,
And when you command them, they vanish with your exorcism.
Thus we can live and work, happy and content with Alpha Ovule.

Awakening will affect everything of the mind and senses,
And you will see the deep harmony of everything in Nature,
But probe and penetrate into its manifold mini-particles.
Even people in your environment will appear different,
But remain stubborn if you try to guide or help them.
Some may appear brilliant, shining with the Inner Light,
But most will be seen as old, dried withered corpses.

``I pray and meditate before the Shrine of Pratibhanath,
May Lord Hermeneutikos expound to me and clear explain,
So that if I have another rebirth into life upon the earth,
I will not have to seek in vain or wonder why and ask again.''

The Ovule of Alpha is the link between all the Universes;
The smallest of the small, yet infinite in its expansions.
It flouts tradition, orthodox or exoteric ways and paths.
It places experiment and Gnosis above all conventions
And morals which block the road to Higher Spirituality.
Its method is radical, dangerous, and yet delightful,
Yet it is the short cut which will lead to success.

It is the stable essence and the one Divine Substance,
Incombustible, indestructible, unbreakable, Eternal,
Unfragmented, fluid but stable and always indivisible,
Because it is the infinite and the Universal Essence.
The Kleshas separate the mind from understanding It,
Even as Cratageus Oxycantha separates the fields,
Yet it is not a weed because it is in its correct place;
Even as Klesha are correct to churls who love life;
For if one cannot see delusions, one must only live with them.

There is a balance between solitude and positive thinking,
And the confusion which results from mixing with many people.
There is an obligation for advanced teachers to guide others,
But too many people can only lead to failure or stagnation;
For the scales must always weigh quality and not quantity.

Our manuscripts are never wrong in presenting fundamentals,
But the ethereal path to Attainment still remains a secret,
For it is only for the understanding few, and not the many.

Alpha Ovule is called Maha Sukha, the greatest of all delights.
We call it Purusha or Prakriti, Nature, Primal Nature Naturans.
It contains a Mantrik Language and coded symbols of think.

Those which are emotional, numinous, shine the brightest;
For Mantra is only valid in the Universe of Mind and sound,
Just as all words have much more subtle meanings inside them
Than any man-made lexicon, dictionary, or script can reveal;
But this is no problem to those who read also with the mind.

Our metaphysical Delirium-Dream is a thousand times more
Succulent, sweeter than honey, sugar, or a virgin's kiss.
Because it is a puzzle-paradox, we enjoy it the more,
And know that in effort or success, we can never be wrong;
Made for us, and just our size, a game with a handful of trumps:
The Joker beats all in a school, where the Wise is also a Fool.

Once you have entered our fantastic Magick Kingdom,
The sphere of the Waken and realm of New Thought;
When the Alpha Ovule is seen, known, and absorbed,
You will never again be content with the sordid rat-race,
And life on earth is seen only as a punishment;
For the Cosmic Crime of Forget makes the Circle,
The treadmill, turnabout of time, tears and trouble.

The lummox and lumpish delight in mind pressing,
A life in a rat race diverted by guessing;
The panic of getting to nowhere and racing,
With never a glimpse of the future they're facing;
See only life and the squalor and dying,
So little the laughter but ample the crying.

If the wrong person has been reading this,
Please pull the trigger.

In the Cosmos there is a Kingdom of Eternal Happiness
And every soul must strive and work to find it.
We are the pilgrims who journey through the endless,
But we are without religion because we are not fools.

Awakening from sleep to the Path of the Eternal
Has been the purpose of all ancient Spiritual Patterns,
As the only valid pursuit for each individual Spirit.
Eternity and Infinity belong not to Space and Time,
Since the point where the mind perceives in a flash
The totality of all phenomena and its timelessness
Is our Magick Mystic Domain reserved for the Wise.

The the Waken found me and bore me aloft;
Death has no distaste and I will leave this waste
And go to better life upon another Cosmic Plane,
Where there is only Spirit, Pure and Absolute.
There are no eyes, so tears can never flow;
There is no sorrow more within this field of Bliss;
No legs to walk, no arms to toil and lift;
Now Spirit free to float - the earth was not like this.

In former years, Spirit and Science were in conflict,
Yet our Druids were both Spiritual Teachers and Scientists.
Wisdom alone can decide which is esoteric or exoteric;
What is safe for mankind to know, and what is safely hid;
For the real prerogative of exploding the Alpha Ovule
Is not decided by the confusion of votes or elections.

We know and understand that human life is a sordid world,
And not the pleasant existence which some pretend it is,
Yet we are Wide Awake and very Clear-Eyed Optimists,
And leave no basis where a sick mind dwells on suffering.

The Demiurge did not intend depression and misery for us,
Only the harmony of orbits and not the clash of weapons;
Beauty and splendor and the Weirdglow Rays of Nature.
If this were not so, Mankind could never change or cure
The evils, obstructions, and impediments to the Magick Life.
The choice of endurance or attainment is only our own.

The Lord of the Waking Hours is called the Conscious Mind;
Incredibly naive, but we think we know all about it,
And Ego is the opinion which the Conscious has of itself,
And may differ considerably with the opinions of others.

The Lord of the Deeper Secret Mind is call Subconscious,
And only springs to mind when the mind is relaxed
Or brought to life by the calm power of the Will.

Some are born with the faculty to recall the power,
To experience and know it with comparatively small effort.
Sometimes it comes to life in visions, dreams, nightmares,
Premonitions and strange feelings one does not understand.
Very few can overcome the habits and wants of the mind,
And all other delusions floating in the Consciousness;
So confused because they all have different expressions.

What is the formula to rouse the genie of the lamp,
Or get the jinn out of the bottle and control it?
If we told it too clearly, too many may know and misuse
And cause it to make our lives miserable and ugly;
But in the Meditation Zonule, I will come and whisper,
And only then will you hear the hum of Alpha Ovule.
Life is hard for the toilers, idiots, and ignorant;
But for those truly awake it is almost unbearable.

Let Magicians wear their Charisma
As Rex would wear a Crown.

In the ancient and sacred texts, there is a wealth of superstitions,
And sometimes the readers are completely choked by it,
For truth becomes tarnished when written for the masses,
And a vast wealth of wisdom defies our power of expression.
Yet here and there an ancient verse may still remain intact
To teach the Secret Path of Truth, Intelligence, and Ecstasy;
The Way of Return and the pathway through the stars, beyond;
And of time's scientific know-how so few can understand,
Because they belong in space, to a world in time to come.

Much of what we think is new is only what Mankind has forgot,
For Mankind has always had that in-built spark of Divine,
For then, as now, it was not possible for them to be without it.

The more we know of Nature's secrets and the hidden Cosmos,
The more dangerous the knowledge may become for Mankind.
Every temple has an inner sanctum and a public court,
Where a few enter one place, but most stay in the other.
Secret Societies are still the real backbone of society;
The few who know, aloft and working behind locked doors.

A score of Magicians can be more powerful than an H Bomb;
They only wait to rend the veil of the Inner Sanctum,
To step into the courtyard to guide and direct Mankind.
If magicians are not part of progress, they will fossilize.
When they are illuminated, they may be the only people
Who can tell ailing Mankind the next, best step to take.

Approach the goal with reverence: This is a sacred thing.
The miracle is best in all the situations of human life.
Beauty of sunset, the flame of fire, endure not forever.
That which comes too easily is not worthy of our enjoyment.
The Priest-Magicians shall direct the Sacred Ritual,
For victory and joy is greater than success in battle.

No other creature on earth shares Mankind's ability
To feel and understand the rhythmic beauty of life.
Yet it is this power of emotion, imagination, understanding;
The ability to respond to remote stimuli and deep feeling,
Which converts the personal ego into impersonal power.
Thus when the ego personality of an arrogant individual
Merges with all Nature, into a single, unified harmony,
It gives the Magick Power over people, things, and ideas,
Because the Self and the Source of Power have become ONE!

The Magician lives contented, but is ever prepared for death.
As birth prepared us for life, so life prepares us for beyond;
For he or she who knows the Way has no fear of the journey;
They have developed the Will, and Nature is now at their command.

They will stride between the Worlds and onto other dimensions,
For have not they become the Gods and Goddesses of Space?
By the power of imagination they create their environment,
And it is we who will occupy the thrones - not some tribal god;
For they who are Masters in this life are Masters in the next.
Thus Magicians create Heavens, even as churls create a Hell;
And from Alpha to Omega is a great attainment in the Cosmos,
As the Spirit and Ovule molecules become one with Eternity.

Thus everything belongs to each other and to all things;
Everything has a rhythm as well as purpose and meaning,
And when immersed in it, personal gain and ambition vanish.
This is the real Magick Power latent in the Alpha Ovule;
To make our Supraconscious tangible, felt, and constructive.
Then cosmic order will emerge from the chaos of world,
Thus giving a new and greater life to the magicians.

If you know a better path,
We would like to hear about it!

Remember always the future; care nothing for the sordid past;
To find in the future of Eternity a life of love and made to last.

Memories are the ghosts and cobwebs of oblivion, now begone,
To be cremated in the spiral trickery of a cyclotron.
Pluck from the future its dangerous moments of Cosmic Glow,
Where there is no gloom or dull dank coldness of the snow;
But float where the nights are bright with Full Moon Glee,
Weirdglow warm when Goddess Luna is near in Perigee.

Peep into the hermetically-sealed crucible of the Cosmos.
Enjoy the consummation of existence in a forbidden world,
And a new, incomprehensible experience of a new wonder,
Where the apprehension of concentrated energy illuminates
The forbidden sphere of an integration with the miraculous.
Though the intelligent can conceive a model of the Universe,
Only the Waken can see the Universe hidden inside it.

We are descended from a fantasy of Gods and Cosmic People:

Inanna: The delightful naked Sumerian Goddess of Love and War.
Khephra: The Coleoptera rolling his golden balls in the sand.
Cotytto: The Mother Goddess of Thrace who levitated Lewdness.
Morpheus: Who taught us to live in our Dreamtime and enjoy it.
A-Tum: Who made atmosphere and moisture by masturbation.
Dionysus, Orpheus, Bacchus & Hermes: Taught Mysteries.
Aphrodite, Venus, Pan & Faunus: Taught us Things of Value.
Diana, Artemis, Selene, Hecate, Chandra: Revealed the Moon.
YHWH: Tribal god who taught the value of cretins and donkeys,
Grieg's ``Piano Concerto in A Minor'' and ``Greensleeves,'' our joy.
Cagliostro: Grand Copht, Magician, Healer, Mason & Martyr.
To Mega Therion 666: Tried to teach us to think for ourselves.

What a fantastic heritage,
and are we worthy of it!?

The resurgence of a better Neo Paganism brings Spiritual Magick Life
Because the findings of modern science now verify its truth and reality.
The old trips have had their run, and proved useless and worn out,
Yet our Magick Way of Life is not really new, but old as the Cosmos,
And what is new is only our application and understanding of it.
So now, for the first time, Mankind's occult potential and power
Can be merged to correspond with his future joy and way of life.

Without experiment, a theory is vague; experiments lead to progress,
And no Magician accepts an idea devoid of proof and confirmation.
Mankind has the latent powers to do everything if we will use them,
For all past history seems to be mostly based on chance and fumble.
Nature contrived a world for us, and who says we can improve it?

The syndrome of a million years of coded memory
Cannot be forgotten in any single life span,
And in life on the earthly place of Mankind,
They spring to life as visions in the Dreamtime Mind.
Thus from the deep, lurking Subconscious Secrets
They come, only to be locked away again and again;
For that plane or world where they have meaning
And we can reconstruct them into Wisdom wise.

In an age of terrible men and terrible deeds,
We are in need of Terrible Gods and Magicians;
For who can show a love for jackals hunting death,
Or compassion to a bullet or a wet and bloody knife?

Can it be shown that primitive folk were less happy?
For civilization is a conspiracy of politics:
Mankind needs curiosity and not credulity!
Everything in the Universe has its purpose, place, and observes it.
It is only the human race which is living confused and bewildered!
In the obscure there is a formula, and you must discover it,
And interpret the symbols into a practical way of living.

For the Supraconscious is the Supreme Substance and the Gnosis;
Then alone can we see and know the ultimate purpose of life,
And divert its energies to fulfill Divine Intention and Will.
Yes, there is something bright glowing elsewhere which you must find!

The Valedictory of Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

I was born to this life, and my birth hexagram is The Wanderer
(Fire over the Mountain: Cosmic Lustre and Yoga of Meditation).
A Pagan Magician, but with never any home to call my own:
For such is the life of one who beholds the Cosmos in motion.
I have resided in more countries than I have fingers and toes.
I have had more Gurus than there are Planets in a Horoscope;
But he who knew hunger and the poverty of needy student life,
Lived to have Kings, Consorts, and Nobles kneel and sit at his feet.
It is not an easy life to be worshiped by people as a God,
And only calm indifference prevents them impeding progress.
The Wanderer never asked for money, food, or even shelter,
But he was modest in his needs and they came spontaneously.
It is a Great Wisdom to distinguish between needs and wants,
For in rags or in cambric, sackcloth or silk, naked or a shroud,
The Natural Law provides for those who avoid unnatural ways.
A colorful life in a colorful wold, and colorful people,
Yet he who lacked worldly goods won the Great Cosmic Treasure:
Thus in any plane or planet he must be among the Masters
From whom the hidden Occult Sciences have no more secrets.
Om Shanti Om


This edition of Shri Gurudev Mahendranath's ESOTERIKOS ORGIA MYSTERION is one of many projects planned by the not-for-profit International Nath Order. The International Nath Order itself is based upon the fundamental principles and inspiration set forth in Shri Mahendranath's Master Pattern of the Nath Order, TWILIGHT YOGA trilogy, and other writings. The three manuscripts which comprise the TWILIGHT YOGA Trilogy offers the building blocks with which to construct a more fantastic way of life. The International Nath Order strives to realize these aims through practical action and was conceived and constructed to serve the needs of many. Our primary concerns are the dissemination of higher wisdom, the construction and maintenance of places of meeting and worship, plus the activities related to continuing a spiritual transmission or initiation lineage which has its roots in a distant past, but continues to burn brightly even today. The International Nath Order seeks to fan this spiritual flame and make available to many the ideas and basics on which to develop a more expansive spiritual experience and fantastic way of life.

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